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The Warren Report Conspiracy
After the publication of the Warren Report, the official government cover-up of the John F. Kennedy assassination, a small group of heroic people, the so-called 'first-generation critics' decided to preserve the truth which was nearly lost forever and dedicated much of their lives to unravelling and dissecting this massive attempt at concealing the true nature of the crime. And these are not 'flat-earth' or 'moon-hoax' conspiracy theorists.

So who granted the Warren Commission their 'artistic licence'? It could only have come from the top, President Johnson. The Warren Report should surely be classified in literature as historical fiction! It is highly selective with it's use of evidence, full of contradictions, inconsistencies, unanswered questions and questionable answers. It's purpose was to discover the truth, but in reality it merely acts as the prosecutions case against Oswald. There was no defense case, and anything that suggested 'reasonable doubt' over Oswald's innocence, which is fundamental in most law system's, was simply overlooked and ignored.

An Amazon Review from November 23, 2007, by Nick Anez on John Kelin's book 'Praise from a Future Generation: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy and the First Generation Critics of the Warren Report' sums it eloquently;

These individuals eventually succeeded against impossible odds in exposing the most reprehensible hoax ever perpetuated upon the American public, a monumental deception that covered up the true facts about the murder of JFK.

Some of these heroic people and some of their great works are;

Harold Weisberg (author of 'Whitewash', 1966, a dissection of the Warren report)

Mark Lane (author of 'Rush to Judgement', 1966, disputes the warren commission findings)

Mary Ferrell and her endless search for the truth about Nov 22, 1963.

and there are many, many, many more.

Regarding Oswald's involvement in the assassination, the possibilities are;

  • Oswald acted alone
  • Oswald was involved but hung out to dry as the conspirators 'patsy' or scapegoat
  • Oswald wasn't involved at all

If there was a conspiracy, why would Oswald be asked to use his own cheap rifle to kill JFK? Was his TSBD exit strategy well planned that day? It doesn't seem so? Surely then he would be expected to get caught and inevitably reveal who the conspirators were. This doesn't add up from a conspiracy point of view, but it does from a lone-nut point of view. But then again he did successfully leave the Dealey Plaza area without raising suspicion so perhaps that was the exit strategy.

If there was no officer Tippit incident would Oswald have been implicated? Also we must remember that the rifle was hidden so perhaps someone else was meant to remove it from the scene to cover his tracks and didn't or couldn't for some reason. But it still leaves the question, in the event of a conspiracy, why he wouldn't be provided with the best possible rifle instead of a mail-order cheap rifle with a paperwork trail implicating him.