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The Fourteen Minute Gap

Fact 1: Lee Harvey Oswald was impersonated in phone calls and visits to the Soviet embassy in Mexico city, including links to Kostikov, a known KGB agent in 'Department 13', the KGB's division responsible for assassinations, just weeks prior to the assassination of JFK.

Fact 2: The FBI director Hoover along with President Johnson and other top officials in the US Government were aware of this the day after the assassination of JFK.

Fact 3: There was no subsequent investigation by any US Government agency to discover the motive behind this impersonation or the impersonator despite the photographic evidence and taped phone calls available.

Fact 4: The Warren Commission (WC) ignored the whole affair in their Warren Report.

Fact 5: The routinely recorded conversation where Hoover first mentions this to Johnson the morning after the JFK assassination was suspiciously erased.

On the morning after the Kennedy assassination FBI Director Hoover phoned President Johnson with a progress update on the assassination investigation, the so-called Hoover-Johnson phone call of the morning of November 23, 1963. The fourteen minute recording of that conversation would later be destroyed, but amazingly a transcript of the conversation survived.

According to JFK assassination researcher, Rex Bradford, who obtained the tape eventually from the LBJ library in Austin, Texas, the 14 minute phone call was erased, but the phone calls either side of the erased section were audible. The LBJ library eventually admitted they had carried out an investigation on this and concluded that it was done deliberately. It was not a case that the tape quality for this particular section of the tape was poor as they had suggested numerous times to Bradford.

But the transcripts were nonetheless available. And they clearly state that Hoover told Johnson that the person at the embassy in Mexico city going under the name of Oswald was not Oswald. And the photos the FBI had of this man along with the taped conversation between this man and embassy staff, in particular a known KGB assassin, Kostikov were definitely not of Oswald. Hoover was confused as he stated to Johnson, about this 'second' Oswald.

So what was the motive behind this Oswald impersonation and planting the idea that he was involved with Cubans and a KGB assassin? Who impersonated Oswald? It was obviously premeditated and meant to serve a purpose. But what purpose? The identity of this impersonator is still a mystery, he is still at large. The US Government never tried to identify or locate him! Is that itself not making a gigantic statement?

The WC had all this information available to them. But yet they concocted the story that Oswald travelled to the Cuban embassy in Mexico city in September 1963 to obtain a visa for a trip to Cuba and onwards to Russia. In fact there doesn't appear to be any conclusive evidence that Oswald was ever in Mexico city.

And who was the 'Oswald' that tried to buy a car in Dallas (Oswald couldn't drive)? The event happened on Nov 9th 1963 and was corroborated by three employees at the car sales dealership. This man also mentioned that he was coming into money in a few days. But the WC showed Oswald to be at work all that day - he couldn't be at the car dealership by their own admission. So who was test driving the car and calling himself Oswald?

And yet again there was another reported Oswald impersonation in Dallas, this time at a shooting range.

So we had a number of impersonations of Oswald. But strangely no proper investigation as to why!

Somebody clearly was impersonating Oswald and setting him up. And the top level, the very top level of Government knew about it and didn't investigate it!

If the conspirators could create a link between Oswald and the Soviets it would be a very smart move indeed, as it is quite likely that in the interests of saving American lives and avoiding an outbreak of World War 3, the WC would be compelled by a higher authority (Johnson?) to point the finger solely at Oswald, the lone assassin. It was vital that the WC suppress any such links to the Soviets and hide any evidence that would suggest there was more than just Oswald involved for fear of the consequences.

And it looks like this is what they did, they gambled on Johnson's legitimate fear of nuclear war (after all the world was on the brink of World War 3 in 1962) and his conviction that '40 million Americans' would die in the event of a nuclear war and therefore he must surely have put pressure on the WC to make the evidence fit Oswald, and ignore anything that didn't.

Surely that's what Johnson was saying. Even at the early stages of the investigation it looked like a conspiracy, but I (Johnson) don't want to know about it (at least not publicly) and it must be kept secret from the general public.