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Was Oswald on the Sixth Floor when shots were fired?

If Oswald shot Kennedy then he had to be prepared and waiting at the 'sniper's nest' on the sixth floor at 12:25pm (The motorcade passed at 12:30pm, but it was running five minutes late which would be unknown to the assassin). So what do we know for certain of Oswald's whereabouts around that time?

Bonnie Ray Williams, a co-worker of Oswald's testified that he was on the sixth floor for 10 or 15 minutes eating his lunch quite close to where the sniper's nest was set up. And as he didn't see anyone there to watch the Kennedy motorcade with, he left and headed for the fifth floor at approximately 12:20pm.

Mr. WILLIAMS. It was after I had left the sixth floor, after I had eaten the chicken sandwich. I finished the chicken sandwich maybe 10 or 15 minutes after 12. I could say approximately what time it was.
Mr. BALL. Approximately what time was it?
Mr. WILLIAMS. Approximately 12:20, maybe.

Carolyn Arnold, another co-worker of Oswald's testified that she saw Oswald sitting in the second floor lunchroom at 12:15pm. The commission did not hear her testimony (even though she was regarded as a credible witness) or include it in the WR. It was the FBI who interviewed her (It would have posed a few problems for the WC).

Arnold Rowland, who was standing on Houston street made a statement to the Dallas Sheriff's Department (with regard to looking up at the sixth floor at 12:15pm); see

and upon looking I saw what I thought was a man standing back about 15 feet from the windows and was holding in his arms what appeared to be a hi [sic] powered rifle because it looked like it had a scope on it. He appeared to be holding this at a parade rest sort of position. I mentioned this to my wife and merely made the remark that it must be the secret service [sic] men. This man appeared to be a white man and appeared to have a light coloured shirt on, open at the neck. He appeared to be of slender build and appeared to have dark hair.

And yet in the WC hearings Vol II, p171, he stated a different position from the window for the man with the rifle

Mr. Specter. And what is your best recollection as to how close to the window he was standing?
Mr. Rowland. He wasn't next to the window, but he wasn't very far back. I would say 3 to 5 feet back from the window.

In fact he originally said (to Roger Craig) he saw two men in the window of the sixth floor!

And what of the testimony of Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig (WC Hearings, Vol.VI, p260). He testified he saw Oswald (he seems certain it was Oswald) running towards a 'light-coloured station wagon' and getting into it, 15 minutes after the shootings. The WC had Oswald in a taxi at this stage on his way home. Why was the station wagon story not investigated more, who drove it, who would be collecting Oswald? Or was it the Oswald impersonator?

Mr. Belin. Do you feel, in your own mind, that the man you saw at Captain Fritz's office was the same man that you saw running towards the station wagon?
Mr. CRAIG. Yes, I feel like it was.

(Note: the man he saw in Captain Fritz's office was Oswald)

Mrs James Forrest also saw a person enter a station wagon at this time. She was convinced it was Oswald and stated 'If it wasn't Oswald, it was his identical twin.'

If Oswald was on the sixth floor and fired those shots at 12:30pm he would have had to carefully wipe clean the rifle of prints, hide it in the opposite corner of the sixth floor, and proceed down to the second floor, all within 90 seconds of firing the third shot and then appear calm when confronted by Officer Baker. There was nothing unusual about his demeanour that made him suspicious according to Baker and also Truly the building manager who accompanied Baker at this stage. That journey can be just about done in less than 90 seconds according to an 'Unsolved History' TV programme who did a similar feat in a similar building to the TSBD.

So if Carolyn Arnold saw Oswald on the second floor at 12:15pm, who did Arnold Rowland see, and was it one or two people, through the sixth floor window with rifle in hand at 12:15pm? And why did Bonnie Ray Williams not see anyone since he was on the sixth floor close to 'sniper's nest' at 12:15pm? Something doesn't add up here and the WC never attempted to try and establish the real picture by interviewing all possible witnesses. Instead they seem to quickly jump to the conclusion that Oswald must have been alone on the sixth floor at 12:30pm and he alone fired the three shots.

And so it would seem Oswald may have an alibi with regard to where he was at 12:30pm, when the shots were allegedly fired from the sixth floor.