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The Assassins of Dealey Plaza

The Warren Commission (WC) claims there was only one assassin on Dealey Plaza that day, Lee Harvey Oswald, and he fired just three shots. Evidence and testimony available today and at the time of the Warren Report (WR) seems to contest this claim. The WR seemed very selective in its use of available evidence, but despite this selectivity the ballistic evidence raises many questions and appears to leave many contradictions and inconsistencies in the WR. According to JFK. Analysis of a Shooting, a book by Orlando Martin, the ballistic, medical and film evidence tells us there were three assassins who fired five shots at JFK that infamous day.

One problem, a rather large problem, for the WC was the injury to James Tague. He was slightly injured by a piece of concrete striking him in the face after a bullet, or bullet fragment impacted a nearby curb. If this were true the WC were in trouble as it destroyed the lone-gunman Oswald scenario. And it was true. So the WC ignored it!

James Tague was standing by the triple underpass in Dealey Plaza about 160 yards from the so-called 'snipers nest'. When the shooting started a bullet impacted a concrete curb 5 yards from him and a chip of concrete hit him in the face drawing some blood. According to the WC Oswald fired only 3 shots. But which bullet impacted the curb? The first shot missed Kennedy's limousine, the second shot injured Kennedy and Connolly and ended up almost intact in Parkland Hospital, the third shot killed Kennedy and apparently disintegrated upon impact. So how could James Tague get injured from a shot from Oswald if there were only 3 shots?

To say it was Oswald's first 'missed' shot seems the only possibility from the lone-gunman scenario. But to fire from the sixth floor and hit the curb near Tague would mean Oswald wasn't pointing his gun in the direction of the limousine at all. In fact Orlando Martin, in his book referenced above, estimates that for the first shot the distance from Oswald to Kennedy was 44 yards, but he missed by 120 yards. The WC had the curb as evidence but didn't mention it in the WR. They couldn't as it derailed the lone-gunman theory. If it were a fragment from the third shot (the second bullet was found in Parkland Hospital), then it would not be possible for it to have travelled downward from the sixth floor, deflect up in the air over the roll bar and windscreen of the limousine after impacting Kennedy's head, travel onwards another 80 yards towards the curb beside Tague and still have enough energy to impact the curb and send a concrete fragment 20 feet causing an injury to Tague.

The more likely solution of the Tague injury is that another gunman fired this shot which missed the limousine but had a direct line to the curb near Tague. The Daltex building has been mentioned as a likely source of this shot.

Deputy Sheriff Buddy Walthers and Patrolman Clyde Haygood both saw the curb soon after the impact and both concluded that the mark on it was caused by a bullet impact.

The bullet that caused a number of injuries to both Kennedy and Connolly was later found in the Parkland hospital (surely a plant). It was almost intact, with no evidence to suggest it could have caused these injuries. There were bullet fragments left in Connolly's body, his wrist, chest and thigh which do not appear to have originated from this bullet. This bullet was never adequately tested to determine if it had evidence of traversing a human body! Why not?


Was the wound to Kennedy's throat a wound of entry? This would mean it came from in front of the limousine. The Dallas doctors thought so. But the WC didn't agree. They claimed it was an exit wound based on the (questionable) autopsy.


Too Many Fragments for just 3 Shots!

The secret Service recovered two large fragments in Kennedy's limousine when it was removed to Washington.

Yet the first Oswald shot missed so no fragments could be from this bullet.

The second bullet was recovered in Parkland almost intact.

The third bullet, impacting Kennedy on the head, frame Z313, had disintegrated (do we know this for certain?), so no large fragments come from the third bullet.

So where did the fragments come from? There must be more than 3 bullets and more than 3 shots fired.


Why did the WC ignore the pre-surgery x-rays of Connolly?


Who planted the bullet found in Parkland?


The photographs of Kennedy's shirt indicate the second shot impacted him on his back. Yet the WC insists it impacted his neck. It had to be the neck from their point of view for it to have continued on and caused the resulting injuries to Connolly.


The entry angle of the second shot was 45 degrees according to the autopsy. So the angle implies it came from a higher position than the sixth Floor where Oswald allegedly was. The WC changed this angle to 18 degrees which correlated nicely with a sixth floor shooter.


Did anybody actually fire from the sixth floor? Was the snipers nest a set-up, leaving a gun, leaving shells, allegedly leaving a bag that carried the gun, and leaving Oswald's prints.


What evidence is there that Oswald was on the sixth floor at 12:30pm. He claimed he was on the second floor. No one saw him on the sixth floor.


Was there a grassy knoll shooter or was it a coke bottle. see


So what are the true origins of the shots on Kennedy? Will we ever know? Certainly the 'lone-gunman' conclusion appears to be sacrosanct to the powers that be, despite contradictory revelation after revelation after revelation.