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Oswald's Palm Prints
You would think that a key aspect to the prosecution of Oswald would be to prove beyond reasonable doubt that Oswald's prints were on the rifle and on other items in the 'snipers nest'. You would think that, considering this was perhaps the most important crime scene in the history of the US, a thorough professional approach would be taken in gathering evidence at the scene immediately from the moment of discovering it's location. Well think again! Confusion abounds for some mysterious reason over what should be a simple 'run-of-the-mill' investigation of the crime scene including the prints on the assassins rifle.

What evidence is there that Oswald used the rifle found in the Texas School Book Depository?

On November 22nd Lt. Day of the Dallas Police examined the rifle and discovered little evidence of prints except on the metal housing near the trigger, where there were traces of two prints. Then, according to Day, the FBI ordered him not to make a comparison between these prints and Oswald's prints, so he discontinued his work, with no print evidence established.

On November 23rd the rifle was brought to an FBI Laboratory in Washington for inspection. Sebastian Latona examined the rifle that morning and concluded that the print marks on the rifle were insufficient for identification purposes. In fact he stated that it looked like the rifle hadn't even been processed for prints, suggesting that Lt. Day did not carry out any investigations for prints. This prompted FBI Director Hoover to sign a statement confirming that no latent prints of value were lifted from the rifle.

On November 24th Dallas Police Officers were reporting in public interviews that Oswald's prints were not found on the rifle.

Also on Nov 24th, just hours after Oswald was killed the rifle was brought back to Dallas by the FBI, and brought to the funeral home where Oswald's body lay. And according to the funeral home director and the statements from the FBI agents involved, they, the FBI, proceeded to place Oswald's palm print on the rifle (for comparison purposes according to the FBI).

On Nov 26th Lt. Day now claims he found Oswald's palm prints on the rifle on Nov 22nd. This part is the evidence that the WC used ignoring the other confusing and contradictory evidence.

More to follow.........