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There is a belief that the Gods described in the writings and scriptures of many of the great religions and civilizations of the world were actually extraterrestrials, so called 'Ancient Astronauts'. And that they have been visiting Earth for an unknown length of time, but the only records or hints or evidence of these visits was captured when we developed the skills of art and writing. And these skills have indeed captured widespread unexplained art and writings, accompanied with highly questionable artifacts and pictorial illustrations. There appears to be much evidence of these so-called 'Out of place' artifacts and even evidence of anachronistically advanced technologies in use by these ancient civilizations.

If we accept the fact that there is a high probability that extraterrestrials exist in our part of the galaxy and they have visited Earth in the not so distant past, then we have to ask the question how would humans react if they landed in our midst say 10000 BC, or even 2000 BC? It's entirely conceivable that we would regard what was unexplainable and capable of feats unknown to us at the time as supernatural or divine, worthy of worship and regard them as 'Gods' and we would attempt to record in our limited and inarticulate way what we had witnessed and experienced. Perhaps this is the origin of Religion - the cultural reaction to these extraterrestrial encounters.

Could this be what the paintings from Camonica in Italy tried to convey 12000 years ago? Did they actually witness two beings wearing helmets and therefore felt inspired to record this unusual sighting? Visits such as these could certainly have influenced our religious development and have had an impact on cultural development and maybe even a technological helping hand was given to us to help build the great megalithic structures across the world which seem to defy the technological capabilities of the ancient civilizations that constructed them.

Geographically separated historical cultures often appear to have common themes. Does this imply a common origin of the theme that then spread throughout the world? Or did similar events actually occur to the different cultures? For instance most religions have writings that make references (eyewitness accounts) to alien visitors, or could be interpreted as such. There seems to be parallels in most peoples legends for events such as the 'Flood', or the stories about the 'Gods' who created man, or 'heroes' who ascended to the heavens, and even references to strange weapons in use.

Evidence of Paleocontact

Nazca Astronaut: See See Nazca Lines.

Sirius Mystery: In the book The Sirius Mystery, by Robert Temple, 1976, Temple tells us that the Dogon people in Mali have known about the two companion stars of Sirius A, the brightest star in the sky, prior to any contact from outside cultures! They somehow acquired this information, and 'Ancient Astronauts' is considered to be a possible source. However, most scientists disagree, claiming that the knowledge was acquired by cultural contamination. Since Sirius B was observed in the mid-19th century in Europe and Sirius C was apparently observed in the 1920s (more recently confirmed as a background star), and both could only be observed with the aid of telescopes, then this information was possibly known by the two French Anthropologists, Griaule and Dieterlen, who worked in Mali in the 1930s and 1940s and allegedly (intentionally or not) passed this information on to the Dogon people who had worshipped Sirius. So was Temple fooled by these two Anthropologists, since he based much of his theory on the Dogon's knowledge of the Sirius Star System?

Ancient Maps: There are surprisingly accurate maps which date back to ancient times which seem to defy the knowledge that should be available to the cartographers at the time they were drawn. One of the most famous is the Piri Reis map from 1513.

Pyramid Coincidences: Did our ancestors know more than we think? Surely they did when we look at the past glories of their architecture, and their sophisticated designs often expressed in geometry, such as we see in the Pyramids of Giza and the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan. Is there a connection between the Giza pyramids and Pyramids in Teotihuacan.

It certainly seems so. Or could it be a coincidence? The perimeter base of the Pyramid of the Sun and Khufu (the largest of the Giza pyramids) are very nearly equal. And the ratio of base perimeter to the height is 2 x pi for the pyramid of Khufu and 4 x pi for the pyramid of the Sun (.05% deviation in both). So the base perimeter of the Pyramid of the Sun is 4pi times its height and Giza is 2pi times its height which suggests a knowledge of mathematics and geometry in particular at both locations.

There may even be a connection in the layout of the pyramids. As the Pyramid of the Moon and Sun and the 'missing' pyramid in Teotihuacan have a similar layout to the three Giza pyramids. Could they have been based on the same 'blueprints'? Is this evidence of Paleocontact, or just coincidence, or that people travelled from Egypt to Mexico with knowledge of the design, dimensions and layout the of the Giza pyramids?

Ancient Indian UFOs: In the sacred texts of Hinduism, originating from India, both the Vedas texts dated from 1500-1000BC, and the Mahabharata epic make references to flying machines that the 'Gods' moved about in, usually referred to as Vimanas, and references to the use of strange weapons. Could these be alien spacecraft?

UFOs in Renaissance Art: In Tuscany in Italy, the painting the 'Glorification of the Eucharist' has a curious spherical object sitting between God the Father and Jesus. It's called the Salimbeni's 'Sputnik' painting as the sphere has an uncanny resemblance to Sputnik, the first satellite in space. It appears to be metallic, with two antennae. Just what the sphere is meant to represent is anybody's guess, but it certainly looks out-of-place. Below that is the painting of Madonna and Saint Giovannino. Over the left shoulder of the Madonna we can see what looks like some time of craft in the sky, with a man and a dog looking up at it. And there are numerous other Renaissance paintings containing 'odd' objects. What was the painter trying to portray?

Salimbeni's 'Sputnik'

Madonna and St Giovannino

The Saqqara bird: A six inch wooden model found in Egypt and dated to about 200BC. But is it a model of a bird or a model of an airplane? It resembles both.

Saqqara Bird

Is it evidence of aviation in ancient Egypt by the Egyptians themselves or a model of a craft that they witnessed? Maybe it's just a coincidence and the model maker set out to make a model of a bird but it ended up looking more like a model of an airplane, unbeknownst to him. Surely if we had such advanced knowledge in the past then all this information would not be lost over time, with just snippets available today? And where are the manufacturing facilities, fuel dumps, etc, and literature referring to aviation? But if indeed we did have ancient aviation, then did we develop it ourselves or was it given to us by an alien race?