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UFO Sightings

There have been countless UFO sightings and encounters throughout the ages, from pre-biblical times to the present time. But the vast vast majority of these can be logically explained by natural phenomena, mistaken identity of everyday objects or just plain hoaxes. But that still leaves a great number of unexplained encounters. The vast majority of encounters are a visual sighting at close range and are referred to as Close Encounter of the first kind. Visual evidence of UFO landings such as burnt grass or impressions are referred to as Close Encounters of the second kind. Observing the occupants of a UFO are referred to as Close Encounters of the third kind and actual abductions are referred to as Close Encounters of the fourth kind.

Evidence in the Bible

There are many who believe in the ancient astronaut theory otherwise known as Paleocontact which claims that astronauts from distant planets have visited Earth in the past and have had an influence on the development of human culture. Much of the theory is based on writings in religious texts as well as archaeological discoveries of so called 'out-of-place' artifacts and artwork which are not consistent with the cultures they are associated with.

Spaceships of Ezekiel

Biblical scriptures also appear to hint at this, perhaps none more so than the Book of Ezekiel in the Old Testament. Ezekiel, a Jewish prophet who lived in the 6th century BC was exiled to Sumeria and sometime around 592 BC, near Babylon, Ezekiel describes what is probably one of the oldest records of UFOs.

We know Ezekiel was a man of great repute and an authentic prophet. So get a copy of the Book of Ezekiel and have a read of chapter 1. Is this the ramblings of a man possessed or hallucinating? Is it an account of a real event, a real visit by God the creator? Or could it be visitors from another planet? Read it and make up your own mind!

Foo Fighters

In the 1940s World War ll pilots started what has now become a very long list of UFO eye witnesses. During the war many pilot reports of strange observations during their flights were filed, and more would later come forward to tell their stories as interest in UFOs developed after WW ll. Airmen from all sides of the conflict in the war reported strange objects which appeared to exhibit signs of intelligent manoeuvring, sometimes appearing to circle around their airplanes. They named them Foo Fighters.

Foo Fighters

The Allies thought that they were some type of new weapon, a German secret weapon. And likewise the Germans thought they were a new weapon belonging to the Allies. They were also seen in the pacific theatre of war. But it was only after the war that it became clear that none of the countries were responsible for the existence of these strange objects. So what were they? The US Government became very concerned that they were some kind of foreign weapon that could be a threat to their national security.

So what were these lights that followed the bombers over Europe and Japan? Can they be explained by that often seen meteorological phenomena St Elmo's Fire, where high voltage differential between a thunderstorm cloud and let's say the wing of an aircraft, can induce this ionisation of the air molecules around a sharp point (the wing tip) thereby causing the air to glow. Or could it be ball lightening, that atmospheric phenomenon that can produce a ball of lightening that can last for a number of seconds. But these solutions require thunderstorms, and are relatively short lived events which doesn't seem consistent with the Foo Fighter reports as many of these events lasted for some time and did not for the most part happen in thunderstorm conditions.

Could they have been some type of monitoring device, used by possibly a nearby alien civilization. They didn't mean for their devices to be observable, but perhaps some unusual meteorological conditions allowed pilots to observe them. Maybe the alien's technology wasn't advanced enough to prevent these sightings. And within the course of a few years they perfected the technology and hence Foo Fighters became a thing of the past.


What was it that the three Apollo 11 Astronauts saw from their window soon into their legendary flight to the moon? There was some mysterious object travelling along side them. According to Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins used a telescope to try to identify the object and it appeared to be L-shaped but they couldn't be positive about this. In any case they said it bothered them that they couldn't explain it.

They then thought it may be the final stage of their Apollo rocket (S-IVB) which was jettisoned much earlier, so they decided to covertly check its whereabouts with mission control (they didn't want to cause unnecessary concern at mission control and maybe jeopardise the mission). Armstrong asked "Do you have any idea where the S-IVB is with respect to us?" And mission control responded, seemingly unaware of the context of the question, that it was about 6000 miles from Apollo 11 at that point. So they ruled that out, there was no way what they were looking at was 6000 miles away.

What all three Astronauts saw has never been positively identified to this day, nor has it ever been officially acknowledged by NASA that they saw anything unusual, despite it being recorded on their debriefing reports on their return to Earth. Was it an alien spacecraft keeping watch on them?

Buzz Aldrin appeared on a number of occasion on live interviews as mystified as everyone else as to what that object was. But why did Buzz Aldrin change his story at a later stage on 'CNNís Larry King Live'? Who threatened him and why? Buzz Aldrin never mentioned anything about '4 panels' in previous interviews. He has publicly stated that the S-IVB was 6000 miles away so that there is no way that's what they were looking at travelling alongside Apollo 11. As he has stated they decided to go to sleep and try and figure out what it was at the debriefing when they returned to Earth.

So why would he at a later stage introduce these 4 panels that he claims they were very aware of during their training as Apollo Astronauts, and very aware of their trajectories as they were also jettisoned with S-IVB, it was critical that they were aware of the trajectories of jettisoned objects especially in the event of an emergency manoeuvre of Apollo 11, and yet he never mentioned them in earlier interviews, most likely because they were irrelevant. Somebody forced him to change his original story. Where are all the NASA engineers that know exactly the sequence of events that occur when a Saturn V rocket leaves Kennedy space center heading to the moon. When exactly do the panels jettison and can they be conclusively ruled out or not?

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell doesn't appear to have been threatened yet. Or if he has it hasn't made him change his story. An Apollo 14 Astronaut and sixth man to walk on the moon, he is convinced, and has no hesitation stating publicly for years that aliens have visited Earth and established contact and that there is a major cover up by certain governments. He claimed it was because of his privileged position as an Astronaut that he had access to so many people with 'inside' information.


Pilots may have a very good reason not to report UFO sightings, as they run the risk of losing their jobs. After all what airline (or air force) would employ a pilot that reports a UFO sighting, as this would suggest to some or many that the pilot is unstable or hallucinating, and would certainly be bad for business for that airline if word got around. So from a pilots point of view it's best to keep sightings and comments to oneself. Unfortunately on the flip side of that is that pilots may actually be the most reliable type of witness as their training and experience requires that they are dependable, especially in unusual circumstances, and are very aware of what is going on in the skies around them.

In fact thousands of unexplained sightings by military, commercial and civilian pilots have been documented. Declassified government papers along with testimonies of retired pilots have highlighted the commonality of the phenomena amongst pilots. And a respected NASA research scientist, Dr. Richard Haines, has 'investigated over 3000 cases of unusual visual and radar sightings of unexplained aerial phenomena' reported by pilots.

Just what exactly was US Air Force pilot Thomas Mantell chasing in January 1948 in the skies over Kentucky? A large metallic flying craft had been sighted and reported by a number of people. Mantell went to investigate and gave 'chase' to the UFO for some time. He later crashed and died and at once the cover-up story started from the Air Force that all he had been chasing was the planet Venus. And not for the first time the US military changed their story, and guess what object they claimed he had been chasing next. For all Roswell enthusiasts, you got it in one, a balloon!


The US military use Defense Support Program (DSP) satellites for early warning missile threats. The satellite targets are known as 'walkers' because of the way they appear to 'walk' across the tracking operators screen. They can detect aircraft (known as 'slow-walkers') and satellites ('fast-walkers'). And on May 5th 1984 they detected an object (a 'fast-walker') which had unusual manoeuvrability. It was tracked for at least 9 minutes and to this day remains unexplained. It triggered a high level alert at NORAD at the time. It appeared to come from outer space, approach the DSP satellite in excess of 22,000 mph and pass within a distance of 3kms, and depart back out to space. The satellite data confirmed that the object in question was a hot, fast, and solid object but remains unexplained!

UFOs over the White House

In July 1952 up to a dozen UFOs were sighted over the White House in Washington DC. After been picked up on the radar of nearby Andrews Air force Base as well as Washington National Airport along with numerous visual sightings by air force and civilian personnel an alarmed air force decided to dispatch two F-94 fighter planes but they failed to intercept them.