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Which is the Correct God to follow?

There is such a diversity of Gods that this is an entirely appropriate question to ask. Is is the Christian one, the Islamic one, the Hindu one. Is it the Mayan, the Greek or the Sumerian one, or one of the many, many countless others? Perhaps they all are in their own way. Perhaps God just manifests himself in different forms to different peoples. And the one true God has no reason at this stage to make us choose one out of the many, regardless of which ever one may be correct or is closest to been correct.

God's purpose, at least one of his purpose's, seems to be to have humans devote themselves to a deity, and to abide by the rules set out by that deity. And this purpose is served, at least to some degree, even if there are many Gods to follow. Why fix it if it's not broken? So which ever God you follow it's the correct one. It's really our concept of God and the way we adhere to God's rules which is important. These web pages tend to focus on the Christian God, without implying that this is the one and true God.

Evidence of the Spiritual World

If we found concrete evidence of a spiritual world then this surely would be the greatest discovery of humanity. Removing abstract ideas and replacing them with tangible evidence would bury any doubts. Divine apparitions and paranormal activity are two pillars of support for a spiritual world.

To believe in a spirit world one also must believe in the concept of an afterlife, a God. It means our world, the physical world is a world where humans have a priveliged position separate and above all other forms of life. We are granted this priveliged position by God. And after death we humans inhabit this spiritual world for all eternity. Death is just the transformation from mortality to immortality.

And from time-to-time interactions between the two worlds do occur. Either intentionally through the use of mediums, or unintentionally when we 'see a ghost'. If the spirit world is meant to be closed off from mortal beings why is it that we do sometimes have access to it? Is this just a plan to hold our attention?