Bible Events And Key People

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Bible Events And Key People

Task 2 is to confirm the accuracy of the events and existence of key people described in the Bible and to confirm that the Bible is in fact a reliable and credible source of history.

So many centuries have passed since the events described in the Bible have unfolded. But remarkably, or not, establishing the authenticity of the Bible as a real historical document can be carried out by a combination of methods. Key episodes of biblical history have been corroborated by archaeological discoveries and further strengtened by writings from other peoples histories in the same vicinity and era.

Slowly but surely over the recent past discoveries in Archaeology have strongly reinforced the people and places referenced in the Bible, which for so long were thought by so many to be mere legends. So what were once thought as legends are now very real. What were once described as inconsistencies are now in concordance.

The following are some of the central figures in both parts of the Bible;