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How Authentic is the Bible?

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How Authentic is the Bible and it's message?

In world literature the Bible has no equal, a true masterpeice, a magnum opus, if that Latin phrase can be applied to multiple authors at the one time. But we all (or at least some of us) ask ourselves from time-to-time whether the Bible is just work of fiction, a product of human creativity, but none-the-less a genuine work of art. Admit it. It crosses our minds when we cast them in this direction.

Or on the other hand is it actually a work of fact, a two-part sacred collection of writings, with the first part prophesying how God will send his son Jesus to live among us, to challenge us, and ultimately to save us, and the second part revealing Jesus and recording the actual events as he fulfilled these prophecies.

It's very apparent that the Bible has had a profound influence on many of the world's civilizations. It has inspired both good and evil in millions since the time it was written. But what can we prove with regard to the authenticity of the Bible and in particular the message in the bible and it's meaning and relevance to us?

To resolve such a colossal question or to be presented with such an epic dilemma as this and to try and establish the truth conclusively, we must at least complete the following tasks;

  • Task 1: Illustrate how the Bible we see in front of us today is the same, in terms of word-for-word content, as that which was written down originally in biblical times.
  • Task 2: Confirm the accuracy of the events and existence of the key people and places described in the Bible.
  • Task 3: Confirm that the religious interpretation of the Bible is correct, i.e. it actually is the WORD OF GOD!

The first two tasks are extremely difficult but relatively easy when compared to the challenge of the third task. Maybe Messianic prophecies and evidence of the spiritual world are the best and only 'evidence' we currently have to support and confirm this formidable third task.