Roswell - What really happened

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The crash of an alien spacecraft? A government cover-up?

The Case For a UFO

While there is a lack of physical evidence supporting the UFO crash, there are alot of unanswered questions that raise suspicions regarding the Roswell incident.

Why was there a large military presence sent to the Foster Ranch. Why such security measures as the crash site of a downed meteorological instrument. Armed guards cordoned off the area, well beyond the limits of the debris field, and access to the site was strictly limited. A large search area appeared to have been set up - what were they searching for?

Rancher Intimidated! Why was Brazel, who was first to find the debris field, held in detention (or jail as he later referred to it as) for about a week. He was not allowed to place any outside calls. He was seen around this time on the streets of Roswell with a military escort! Following this period of detention, Brazel repudiated his initial story.

The debris described by witnesses did not appear to be consistent with the debris of a weather ballon. Much of it appeared to be metallic (with unusual symbols or hieroglyphic engravings). Its tensile strength appeared to be very high and it also seemed to be almost weightless. It had the unusual characteristic of returning to its previous state after being crumpled up. And after returning to its previous state there were no signs of any folds or creases. It seemed to be paper thin and indestructible. It was certainly different to any material that the witnesses had seen or heard of before.

Many witnesses reported seeing alien bodies at the crash site. These were non human-like, four to five feet tall, with slanted eyes and heads very big in proportion to their bodies. There heads were hairless and they wore grey suits. And they appeared to have less than five fingers. They were also beginning to decompose.

The press release! The Roswell Army Air Field issued a press release stating that army personnel had recovered a crashed 'flying disc' from the Foster ranch. Do we really believe that a crashed weather baloon is that hard to identify. Roswell Daily Record Especially by military intelligence of the 509th Bomb Group, and after spending a couple of days examining the debris. The inconsistancy in describing the debris has been crucial in promoting the crashed UFO theory.

Many military records of this period and of the military personnel involved have been misplaced or disappeared!

Why did Colonel Edwin Easley of RAAF, who was in charge of security at the crash site, raise suspicions when interviewed in 1989 about the incident. When asked about what happened he refused to reveal any information, about either a weather baloon or a UFO. He considered himself still sworn to secrecy - after more than 40 years

The eminent Mathemathician and Astronomer Lincoln La Paz was recruited by the military in september of 1947 to inspect the crash site and determine amongst other things the speed and trajectory of the mysterious object that crashed in early July of 1947. Why would they do this if it was just a weather ballon, as the military kept insisting, that crashed? And why recruit him two months after the incident?

La Paz discovered and reported that there was more than one crash site and debris field. A second one was five miles from the primary debris field and it contained crystallised sand which was the result of intense heat. Could this have been caused by a weather ballon?

If it was part of Project Mogul or anything linked to the military why did the military not launch a search operation when the vehicle went missing well prior to Brazel reporting the debris to the Sheriff. There are large discrepencies with the timing. Project Mogul Flight #4, one candidate for the debris, was launched on June 4 1947 and tracked as far as Arabela, New Mexico, 17 miles from the debris field where contact was lost. But it was early July when Brazel found the debris. Had it been on the ground undiscovered for that length of time. It was certainly early July when the military cordoned off the debris field. If the project was so top secret why was a search party not organised when contact was lost instead of weeks later. Since the debris field was so large, an aerial search of this area of open range would easily have located the crashed ballon.

Later we will look at;

(1) The testimony of Airforce personnel and residents in the area - how credible are these

(2) The photographic evidence of the autopsy of one of the Roswell aliens