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The crash of an alien spacecraft? A government cover-up?

Project Mogul

Is there a link between the Roswell incident and Project Mogul. Could the debris that Brazel found be one of the Project Mogul flights which crashed near Roswell. Charles Moore, one of the scientists involved with project Mogul seems to think so.

Project Mogul was a top-secret US military project involving high altitude ballons. This project operated uning the concept in the intelligence world of 'compartmentalization', where information on the project was on a strictly 'need-to-know' basis. Most people involved in the project did not know the name of the project, the objective of the project, or the 'modus operandi' of the project. The unclassified purpose of the project was to develop constant-altitude level balloons for meteorological purposes.

The classified purpose was something different. It's purpose was to develop a long distance acoustic detection system of soviet nuclear detonations. It had been previously discovered (from World War II era analysis of the globally propagated sound waves produced by Krakatoa in 1883) that there was an acoustic 'duct' in the upper atmosphere between the troposphere and the stratosphere where, with the right type of detection equipment and acoustic microphones, the acoustical signature of nuclear explosions could be detected as they propagated through the upper atmosphere. This information would then be relayed to ground based receivers. It was an early form of eavesdropping.

In the summer of 1947, Alamogordo Army Air Field in New Mexico was the main launch site for testing this top-secret ballon. Or ballons to be more precise, as it was in fact a very long train of up to two dozen ballons with a total length of over 200 meters. There is strong evidence to suggest that NYU Flight #4 launched on June 4, 1947 was the source of the debris found at the Foster ranch.

There are many similiarities between the materials used in project mogul amd the Roswell debris. And this makes it difficult to exclude NYU flight #4 as a likely source of the Roswell debris.

  • The unusual material The ballons used in project moguls flights were made of a rubber-like substance called neoprene. Some of the debris at the Foster ranch consisted of a rubber-like, smelly, smoky grey material, which Charles Moore thinks could easily have been these same neoprene ballons. This material was a relatively new technology used in this project and wouldn't be readily identifiable by the untrained eye. It was used instead of the then popular rubber because it was easier to control and maintain a constant altitude, it was more durable than rubber and leaked less helium.

  • The hieroglyphics Debris witnesses described tape with strange characters or hieroglyphic designs on it. It has since been established that reinforcing tape used on the ballon trains had indeed a type of flower-like design which was used on the radar targets. The manufacturer, a toy company used what ever resources it had available at the time, due to shortages during and shortly after WWII. So the tape it used for the construction of toys sometimes was also used in the construction of the radar targets which were part of the ballon train. So these 'hieroglyphics' could well have been the tape with the 'flower-like' design.

  • The black box Cavitt, the CIC officer who accompanied Marcel to the debris site described a black box in the wreckage. And we know that the NYU ballons used batteries for the acoustic equipment which were normally packed into black boxes.

Aside from this, Charles Moore carried out detailed analysis of US national weather service wind data. His calculations from this data showed that the NYU flight #4 ballon path would have passed over the Foster ranch, 85 miles northeast of Alamogordo - its launch site. Also, the debris at the foster ranch was strewn in a southwest - to - northeast angle as reported by witnesses which was also consistent with the predicitated flight path from the available wind data. In fact, over the course of project Mogul several ballons had landed and been recovered in this general area. So Project Mogul ballons crashing back to earth was nothing new in those days.

It should be noted that there are discrepencies in accounts with the timimg of the crash. According to Charles Moore the crash would have been in mid June 1947. According to Brazel it was early July (or was this just the date when he discovered the debris?).