Roswell - What really happened

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The crash of an alien spacecraft? A government cover-up?

The Case Against a UFO

We have to wonder why did the flying saucer crash. The crash supposedly happened during a thunderstorm. But this was hardly the cause for a spacecraft to crash with technology to travel between the stars. It seems definately more likely that a weather ballon would crash back to earth during a thunderstorm. Or it could have been a secret aircraft flying out of one of the many airforce bases in that area. Or was it part of one of the high-flying ballons under development to detect Soviet Nuclear explosions - Project Mogul

Marcel has insisted that the debris that appeared in the photos taken was the actual debris that they found at the Foster ranch, it was not switched. And this displayed wreckage did appear to consist of unclassified components of a Project Mogul type ballon. Classified components, such as the 'sonabuoy' was more than likely withheld (assuming it was recovered and assuming it was a project Mogul ballon) from photos and display to prevent its association with a ballon and thereby compromising the entire top secret project.

The authenticity of the photograhic evidence of the recovered aliens is very questionable!